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專業考試指導:美國文學簡史(一)專業考試指導:美國文學簡 史(一)chapter 1 colonial period i. background: puritanism 1. features of puritanism (1) predestination: god decided everything before things occurred. (2) original sin: human beings were born to be evil, and this original sin can be passed down from generation to generation. (3) total depravity (4) limited atonement: only the elect can be saved. 2. influence (1) a group of good qualities hard work, thrift, piety, sobriety literature. (2) it led to the everlasting myth. all literature is based on a myth garden of eden. (3) symbolism: the american puritan s metaphorical mode of perception was chiefly instrumental in calling into being a (serious and thoughtful) influenced american


literary symbolism which is distinctly american. (4) with regard to their writing, the style is fresh, simple and direct; the rhetoric is plain and honest, not without a touch of nobility often traceable to the direct influence of the bible. ii. overview of the literature 1. types of writing diaries, histories, journals, letters, travel books,

autobiographies/biographies, sermons 2. writers of colonial period (1) anne bradstreet (2) edward taylor (3) roger williams (4) john woolman (5) thomas paine (6) philip freneau iii. jonathan edwards 1. life 2. works (1) the freedom of the will (2) the great doctrine of original sin defended (3) the nature of true virtue

3. ideas pioneer of transcendentalism (1) the spirit of revivalism (2) regeneration of man (3) god s presence (4) puritan idealism iv. benjamin franklin 1. life 2. works (1) poor richard s almanac (2) autobiography 3. contribution (1) he helped found the pennsylvania hospital and the american philosophical society. (2) he was called the new prometheus who had stolen fire (electricity in this case) from heaven . (3) everything seems to meet in this one man jack of all trades . herman melville thus described him master of each and mastered by none .專業考試指導:美國文學簡史(一) 相關 內容:


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